Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay?

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    Halong Bay is a lot more appealing than what the phrase beautiful can express, so why does Lan Ha Bay show up here? Why is it that we have to consider between the two bays? This's because Lan Ha Bay, inside the last decade, is now a lot more attracted to tourists and gradually turn into a wise alternative for Halong Bay.
    Please be seen that this article will not provide you with any suggestion or recommendation but merely some facts about Halong bay and Lan Ha bay that might enable you to come up with a final choice.

    Where is Ha Long Bay?
    Halong Bay is a so well-known travel destination in Quang Ninh Province, centrally located in northeastern Vietnam. Administratively, the bay belongs to the area of Halong City, Cam Pha community, Van Don District, bordered on the south and southeast by the Gulf of Tonkin, on the north by China, and also on the west as well as southwest by Cat Ba Island.
    Where's Lan Ha Bay Lan Ha Bay is one area of the larger Halong Bay region. Particularly, the Halong Bay region consists of Halong Bay in the center, Lan Ha Bay on the southwest along with Bai Tu Long Bay on the northeast.
    The 3 bays share a similar geological, climate, geomorphological, geographical, and cultural figures.
    Getting from Hanoi to Halong Bay Halong Bay is aproximatelly 170 kilometers from Hanoi, which takes you 3.5 hours on the fashion. However, the brand-new interstate from Hanoi to Hai Phong subsequently Halong can save 2 hours transfer, it means you are able to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay in 1.5 hours only (Details here)
    Path: The widespread path for all area transportations is: Hanoi? Hai Duong? Hai Phong? Halong

    Bus from Gia Lam or My Dinh Bus Station (Hanoi) to Bai Chay bus station (Halong city). Ticket payment from 100,000vnd to 250,000vnd (51dolar1? 121dolar1). Bring along with you Vietnam Dong (currency) as USD is not recognized. There are options that are many for a hometown shuttle bus or perhaps limousine van.
    By shuttle bus (Hanoi local tour operator): Pick up & drop off of passengers in the Hanoi outdated quarter: from USD10 to USD20/person/way. It can be included if you reserve a Halong Bay day trip or maybe overnight cruise.
    Take the cargo railroad from Yen Vien (Gia Lam, Hanoi) to Quang Ning The train starts off at 4.30am and arrives at 11 am. The terminal at Halong City is near Bai Chay bus station and about 5 kilometers away from the harbor. Expect cancellations and train delays without notice. Available hard sleeper only, USD 10/person/way (complicated, not recommended).
    Use a seaplane flight from International Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi to Halong Bay for only 45 minutes. You also have 15 minutes for sightseeing over Halong Bay. Hai Au Aviation may be the one and just seaplane company in Vietnam until now.
    By private automobile: ~USD140 (roundtrip, 7? 16 seat car)

    Getting from Hanoi to Lan Ha Bay Lan Ha Bay is about 134 kilometers from Hanoi but price tag you only ~2 hours thanks to the new Hanoi? Hai Phong Expressway.
    Route: Hanoi? Hai Phong (by acreage transport)? Cat Ba island (by ferry or even speedboat)? Lan Ha Bay. Unlike Halong bay in which you can visit straight from the Halong City, in order to stop by Lan Ha Bay you have to visit Cat Ba island by speedboat or ferry. Cat Ba is the entry point, from there you are able to do your Lan Ha Bay excursion.?Hanoi? Hai Phong Expressway
    The transportation to Lan Ha is not much mixed. The easiest and popular most way is to take a bus from Hanoi (it is handily booked with a bit of transport companies:
    • Hoang Long (~225.000vnd/way)
    • Cat Ba Express (340.000vnd)
    • Inter Bus Lines (150.000vnd)
    • Local tour operators) to Dinh Vu port. Then get on a speedboat (hydrofoil) to Cai Vieng port on Cat Ba Island (~30 minutes).
    In case you find this particular path overly complicated and finding one thing simpler to pay a visit to Lan Ha Bay, you are able to book a Lan Ha Bay package tour. In days gone by, for a very long time, Lan Ha Bay is only accessible for 1 day cruise from the port in Cat Ba island, you could just stop by the bay through the aforementioned route and then rent a tiny boat to go all over the bay. This method is not an ideal option now as it points out some disadvantages that you can't explore the farther location of the bay during a small boat. Additionally, the boat has poor which is not able to ensure the safety of yours. You also have to pay much more fee for renting a boat, entry fee for the bay.

    Therefore, there is another option which is visiting Lan Ha Bay on an overnight cruise. Most immediately cruises in Lan Ha Bay are deluxe boats with comfortable facilities.

    What should we expect about Halong Bay?
    Halong Bay is realized as one of the ten most beautiful bays on the planet. The bay seems with aproximatelly 2,000 islands & islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Topped up each island and islet is an exotic forest, large and small, depending on the island's size, which makes a distinctive greenish photo.
    Not only landscape worth, its geological worth with more than 500 million year history is in addition a plus mark for Halong Bay. Halong is one of the most crucial areas in the world of Fengcong (clusters of conical peaks ) and Fenglin (isolated tower features) karst and is viewed as the very best example of marine-invaded tower karst.
    Halong has many caves of different sizes and interiors. The quantity of the cave, until today, hasn't been confirmed yet; several of them have been named and renowned worldwide while a few are less known or even unknown.
    You know this popular place, find it extremely fantastic, so fabulous and definitely put it with your travel list. But, there is true that, in case this particular destination is just about drawing you, it means that many other people are as yet getting pulled in as you are or possibly considerably more than. Generally estimated, there are about 300 boat tours running in Halong Bay, you then can imagine on your own the number of touristswill go along with you in one day.
    The Halong Management Board applies a strict policy to cruises in the bay, virtually any boat must sail in a fix a route, tourists aren't permitted to jump down h20 from the boat, merely swim on beaches Those, less or more, could perhaps change your experience.
    The Management Board applies a lot of charges for each tour, sightseeing fee, entrance fee, etc which might partly relate to your cost.

    What might we expect about Lan Ha Bay
    Lan Ha Bay is at the southern part of Halong Bay, faraway from the boat crash inside the north then coming to Lan Ha Bay, you will have possiblity to get closer to local fishing life, and are not as likely to see as many tour boats and ships passing, do not have to be concerned about the crowd.
    Unlike its famous twin, Lan Ha Bay reserves a much more dazzling scenery with an intense concentration of limestone mountains which the ocean surface has partitioned into smaller sized bays and gulfs. Many lagoons, bays, and caves continue to persist untouched.
    The bay has a maximum of 139 golden sandy shorelines, little but pretty and isolated as pink straits inviting tourists to explore. Many sandy beaches stretching between two rocky mountains, quiet without having major waves, are really the ideal beaches.
    Lan Ha is a tranquil sea with small fishing villages pre-existing isolated from the rest of the earth. There are wooden floats raising various species such as the green mussel, grouper, abalone, crab, cobia, geoduck, which may serve visitors based on the needs of theirs. By small boat, visitors are able to move through the ravine, lagoons to check out the caves, being in contact with the beach.
    Unlike Halong, the Lan Ha Bay itinerary is rather versatile, which means you can do any water activities that you can imagine, bouncing down from the boat, going fishing with local, doing kayaking to anywhere you desire to enjoy, diving or surfing as well as rafting. Your enthusiasm for water is limited by the own creativity of yours.
    Tour rate for the system and backpacker travel is less than in Halong since the fee in Lan Ha Bay is lower than in Halong.

    This's actually not a true CON: How many islands in Lan Ha Bay is less than that in Halong Bay, you do not realize thousands of limestone islands but about 400 little & large islands. Dissimilar to Halong, most islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with green vegetation or maybe trees, even if it is a bit of island such as a peninsula.
    You can see that what's considered to be the negative point of one bay actually is the positive thing of another one and the other way round. From that, you are able to look directlyto your desire, what do you want from a Bay cruise: a beautiful scenery but jam packed with other tourists or maybe a peaceful environment with quiet alone space? A trip to enjoy hidden untouched corners being the initial step in or visiting places that are already popular to the world? It's not hard to decide on, right? Think about thoroughly and you are going to have your perfect experience ever.

    A a lot more, not least: March? June, and October? November is the greatest moment to go to Halong and Lan Ha Bay when the sun mostly shines. In December and January, it's regularly cloudy or rainy and some days may purchase extreme cold, while in February even drizzly & foggy. From July to September, the heat range grows to the highest point of its, the weather may very well be extremely uncomfortable. Furthermore, this is the high season of domestic tourism, for that reason simply expect locals around you.

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